Health Benefits Of Raw Cocoa Seeds


What Is So Good About Raw Cocoa Beans?

If you love chocolatenbut are health conscious then the best way to enjoy the health benefits of raw cocoa beans is to eat the dried beans as snacks with no feelings of guilt. Cocoa seed contains all the good nutrients that you will often read that chocolate contains before sugars and emulsifying agents are added to make it into chocolate.

Cocoa pods have seeds inside that are covered with a sweet white flesh that is eaten fresh in countries where cocoa is grown. People will often discard the seeds away after eating the flesh as the seeds taste quiet bitter, however when the seeds are roasted or dried under the sun over a long period and allowed to ferment the flesh dries up and falls off the seed in large production allowing the seed to loses it bitter taste and is easier to eat.

Raw cocoa beans have an amazing and distinctive chocolate flavour naturally and due to them being sun dried they naturally expel all of its liquid content which also makes the dried cocoa beans resistant to mould growth. When preparing to make them into chocolate,  the sun dried beans get roasted and then crushed. If you have ever eaten or cooked with cocoa nibs then that is the crushed roasted beans. It is claimed that premium chocolate makers only use cocoa beans that have been roasted with heat that is not more than 45 degrees Celsius where as regular chocolate is made from beans that has been roasted to up to 130 degrees Celsius. Chocolate liquor is then made from the crushed cocoa nibs together with cocoa butter and other additives regular chocolate will be made from this mix.

So for a healthier way to enjoy the benefits of cocoa, it is best to eat the raw dried cocoa beans or cocoa nibs which naturally contains fiber and various minerals such as iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc,copper and essential fatty acids. Cocoa is also called cacao in Southern America, it can be eaten in the way you will normally eat any dried or roasted nuts. The reason why people eat chocolate to feel good is because cocoa naturally contains anandamide which is the chemical that is responsible for us experiencing good moods and when we eat cocoa beans we get a much better dose of the feel good feeling naturally.

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