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Try These Excersises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

I have always suffered from having a rounder face surrounded by baby fat and I was hopeful that once maturity set in I would finally have a more slimmer face. This doesn't seem to be setting in yet natrually and so last month, I finally started practicing face exercises rigirously. I am pleasantly surprised with the results so far, I didn't quite believe it will work successfully however I have been diligently doing my face exercises everyday and people have surprisingly  started asking me if I am losing weight.

I still weigh the same as I did when I begun doing these facial exercises and I have not lowered my calorie intake so these silly facial moves are working. Below are routines I do which you can also do if you want a slimmer face, heloping to lose a double chin, have a slimmer neckline and  have an overall defined face with tightened facial muscles.

This set of poses below are for getting a slimmer face and also helps with slimming chubby cheeks. It's the same action as sucking on a lollipop. When you do this pose, aim to suck in your cheeks and at the same time pull upwards the area around both sides of your chin. Just like how your body aches when you visit the gym for the first time or after a long break you will feel a burn in the cheek muscles. That your proof that you are working your cheeks and your face exercises are working.

This pose below is my favourite as it is tightens the skin and muscles in the neckline. It also gets rid of double chin and gives a more graceful neck.  Do these by sticking your tongue all the way out pointing straight. Make sure your tongue does not pull downwards at all. Stick your tongue out each side of your mouth pulling really hard so you can feel the strain in the muscles.

Practice each pose between 10 and 20 times each time and do 3 sets throughout the day to get your best results for a slimmer face, reduce chubby cheeks and a gracious looking neckline every single day for 1 month.

What will help you to remember to do your face exercises is if you set a notification on your phone so that you do not miss out at all on this journey to get a graceful giraffe like, sexy neck and a more defined face. It is claimed that if we do an action everyday for a whole month then it becomes easier to stick to it for life. I think if you do not naturally have a slim face then doing these exercises should be a life long commitment.

Refer To The Video Below To Help With The Excersies You Must Do

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