Matte Lipstick's: Ethical & Natural Brands For Darker Complections

Ethical & Natural Brands For Darker Complections

Big lips and darker complecition commonly go hand in hand , and the worst crime you can commit as an ethical fashionista with full lips is to paint a light shade of colour on your full lips. Darker colours work best for fuller lips, where as lighter colours work better for those with thinner lips. Darker colours on thin lips makes them disappear and look even thinner whereas light colours on fuller lips is not as flattering. 

As glam but natural product junkies, it is always best to invest in a lipstick from a reputable. There is far too much green washing these days that it is hard to pick out what is genuinely green and ethically produced from brands that have blindly jumped on the eco, ethical bandwagon.

This can be hard to work out unless you are a super sleuth with plenty of time to investigate brands. Sadly it is next to impossible to do the green verification for every single item you go through each day.

In the UK, 3 reliable sources for using to find a selection of ethically produced lip sticks are the websites below. They stock a variety of brands which means that you can find different colours from the same place. These are as  follows; 

  1. Naturisimo
  2. So Organic
  3. Organic Pharmacy
  • Refer to further below where you can find listed individual brands that has natural lipstick collections.

Matte lipsticks work for all skin shades, but as I have dark skin, I have first hand experiences in applying various shades of lipstick on my wide and obviously can't be ignored larger lips and I find that matte lipstick for dark skin works best when they come in shades of darker reds, berries and bold colours with a slight glittery tone.

Wearing a matte lipstick colour looks more glamorous and matured, furthermore they stay on longer in comparison to glossy lipstick which adheres to every surface it comes in contact with. Matte's also easily become a more natural looking colour addition on a persons face than glossy and shinier looking lipsticks does. With it's comeback in 2016, it is still okay in 2017 to do a bold matte dark colour.

Another 2 cardinal sins to avoid is firstly,  when you decide to go bold with a darker matte lipstick, avoid coupling it with drawn lip lines and secondly, leave out applying colour to around your eyes. It is hard to make colour elsewhere on your face work with bold dark matte lipstick. Unless you have been taking professional lessons on applying make up and you feel confident about your own skills then aim for very light applications on your face. 

Aside natural brands, all the big brands from Rimmel, L'Oréal , Avon, Nyx, Mac, etc have matte lipsticks in various shades also. In the past, matte lipsticks were avoided by many because they felt dryer on lips, however, the cosmetic industry purports that they have reformulated, and thanks to modern waxes being far lighter, this has helped to make modern matte lipsticks lighter  and less drying.

For natural lipstick brands you can find in the UK, you can look up brands such as the following;

  beauty without cruelty, BellapierreBurt's BeesDr HauschkaGreen PeopleLiving NatureLily LoloLaveraThe Organic PharmacyZaoVapour Organic BeautyKjaer WeisJuice BeautyInikaILIA BeautyEre PerezBorlind

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