Fried Yam Served With Sardines And Hot Tomato

 Fried Yam Served With Sardines And Hot Tomato 

Someone asked me on Facebook how to cook Yam as she came across it in her local Tesco in Wales. She wanted to experiment cooking with Yam so I shared with her this simple fried yam recipe , I choose this recipie as it is a very easy way to cook yam for someone who has never attempted to cook yam before.

Yam is a root growing food just like potatoes and is cooked in the same way that potatoes are. Yam can be cooked by either boiling, mashing, frying, roasting or used in thickening soups with it. Yam needs to be peeled first in most cases before cooking. Fried yam is  prepared just like potato chips, but served as large pieces and it is best eaten when it is hot most types of yams get hard as they cool.

The inside of yams can be a little harder than potatoes so when you cook yams by frying or boiling, remember to slice it thinner to ensure that it cooks thoroughly. You can also check your fried yams by sticking a fork inside and pulling the fork out. If your fork has soft yam stuck on, then the inside is not completely cooked. Yam flour can also be used to make porridge or for baking. The flour is made by drying thin slices of yam that is then grounded into a flour.

how to cook yam
cook fried yam recipe
Always wear gloves when washing yam, the natural liquids inside yam causes itchiness. You should pour enough to cover more than one half of the yam slices during the frying. When you are dropping the yam pieces into the hot oil, be attentive not to have water droplets into the hot oil to avoid flying hot oil droplets. You can also serve without the hot tomato sauce or use half or less of the scotch bonnet.

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