Simple Remedies To Help You When You Are Feeling Down

What Can You do To Brighten Your Mood?

When you find yourself in a cycle where it seems the good times are far gone and the series of unfortunate events have come to be your new normal it can be very difficult to motivate yourself out of feeling 'blue'. If feeling 'blue' and down is only a temporary stressful time which you are going through at present then there are a few things you can do for yourself which will help you to feel empowered to take control of the situation. I am currently dealing with the break down of a very important relationship myself and most days I just feel like dragging the duvet over the top of my head and sleeping the day away but I know very well that this would not help to resolve my current situation.

In fact, I want to look forward to the better days that lay ahead because one of the biggest lesson you come to learn in life is that no matter how big a problem seems,  there will always be a point in time that everything will be resolved. It may take a long time for this time to come or even when the solution does come it may not be what we anticipated, but the point where all the bad things end always does occur. We just need to find a way to survive to make it to the finish line.This is why it is important to preserve yourself using the small simple steps below to help you overcome mild depression during a stressful time.

It is not easy trying to master your fears and the low feelings that comes with mild depression. You will have to will yourself every day and every moment to make yourself achieve the smallest task but by accomplishing the small things you will also feel a sense of great achievement.The list below are basic exercises amongst  many other ways that can with this. You can also consider consulting your doctor to discuss exploring talking therapies, exercise based therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), mindfulness classes, touch therapies, craft based therapies and body treatments such as acupuncture and other forms of massage.

These are tips I suggest to consider in helping to combat feelings of depression:

1. Diet:

High sugar foods, processed foods, soft drinks and snacks boost the mood for a short term then zaps your energy quickly leaving you feeling down. A balanced diet would stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout the day which helps calm your mood. There is currently more research being conducted on vitamins and nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and vitamin B12 to see how they can help with depression. Include foods such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables and beans will all help to improve your energy levels.

2. Exercise

A study in 2007 found that exercise produces a bio-chemical which functions just as medications do in the brain making it just as effective for naturally dealing with depression as medication as it can boost energy and lift your mood.

3. Meditation

Meditation even for a short few minutes can help you control your thoughts to focus on positive thinking rather than negative thoughts. Meditation helps to relieve stress, anxiety and boost productivity over all.

4. Journaling

Keeping up with daily responsibilities can be very difficult when you are feeling down. Writing down your to do list just for the day or even a big list such as your life goals and giving it timelines to accomplish them can set you onto finding purpose each day. It can also help you rediscover things you may have forgotten about yourself and old goals you can pursue again.

5. Therapy

Therapies takes many forms from psychotherapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, talking therapies such as counselling in a group or in one to one sessions, holistic approaches such as craft and touch therapies. CBT helps you to identify and your negative way of viewing situations and how this contributes to feeling depressed and also teaches a person how to make positive changes.

6. Activities 

Read some inspirational quotes to cultivate your inner strength.
Go for a morning walk before you start your day to clear your head and boost your moral.Go out in the sun when it is possible to catch some vitamin D as sunlight is very important for mental health.The most important thing to do once you notice depressive moods in yourself, first call on your doctor. Once you have been put on a treatment plan stick with it and discuss any new ways you want to explore with your doctor.

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