Unscented Black Soap Body Wash 200g
Unscented Black Soap Body Wash 200g

Unscented Black Soap Body Wash 200g

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African black soap comes from a traditional way of making soap made all over the world from Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia and even first world countries. Soap was first made with potash from plants long before the process evolved to the present day where most soaps are made and milled a few times before to reduce it's pH and give it gentler properties before it reaches the market.

Plant potash is 100% natural, in different countries, it is made from burning different plants. In Ghana, we have an abundance of cocoa pods after the beans are extracted for the chocolate industry. Cocoa pods are high in saponins which is the property you need to saponify oils to turn it into soap. The cocoa pods are burnt into ashes and then the ashes are used to make the soap.

I have written several articles on ABS(African soap explaining about what it is, the ingredients and how to make it yourself at home anywhere in the world too). African black soap comes in many different versions when it is made in different countries. It is the most natural true natural soap. Raw African soap is only made with potash unlike all other natural soaps. All other soaps are made with caustic soda(sodium / potassium hydroxides) to saponify lipids into soap.

In many other countries, you will find potash made from trees such as camwood, bamboo, shea nut kernel, plantain peelings and other sources. Potash is also naturally mined as a mineral. It has other uses for food and agricultural usage as it is a natural and organic source potassium. If you are familiar with soap making, then plant potash has very close potency as potassium hydroxide. As an organic material, it is always in its raw form and contains a small amount of  debris which in actual fact does not get in the way of  how effective the soap made with potash performs.

Weight: 200 ml
Ingredients: Cocoa potash, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Water.