Ghana Black Soap Bar 100g
Ghana Black Soap Bar 100g

Ghana Black Soap Bar 100g

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Organic African black soap for body and hair wash. This bar soap version of the traditional black soap can be used by all the family. 

A perfect vegan friendly soap which contains no animal by products and the perfect organic soap as it is made with organic potash made from cocoa pods.

A body and hair wash made with coconut oil, shea butter and organic potash.

Ideal for all skin types and all ages to use for washing the body shampooing all kinds of hair.  This soap is unscented and is great for people with sensitive skin to use too.

The best thing about unscented African black soap is that these amazing soaps can be used by humans and furry friends as well as for using for hand washing.

Avoid use directly on broken skin and inflammations.

  • Hair, Face & body wash
  • Unscented, Vegan, 
  • 100% botanical ingredients
  • Tones skin.
  • Softens and smooth skin.
  • Exfoliates dry and dull skin.
  • Multi Body Wash As Shampoo, Pet Wash, Baby Wash, Laundry, Body Wash.
INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil,  Shea butter, Water, Cocoa Potash
Coconut oil, shea butter are both moisturizing oils that naturally has skin nourishing properties.
Avoid ingesting and rubbing into eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse area continuously with running water.
Briefly wet your bar of soap, rub gently on wet flannel or sponge before rubbing sponge on body. To use for washing hair, wet soap before rubbing directly on hair.