Lip Balm Review - Hurraw's Grapefruit


Hurraw's Grapefruit Lip Balm, Is It Worth It?

The most important aspect of determining weather a lip balm is good quality in my opinion is by ensuring that It does not leave a much dreaded white film. This is because it is a solidified fat residue which becomes displayed upon my lips once it comes into contact with water as well as saliva. I experienced this with my Hurraw grapefruit lip balm. This lip balm does not hold moisturize on the lips for long and also wipes off with ease. Furthermore, I found the balm to be slightly too waxy for my personal taste and did not leave a glossy shine. The lip balm is not long lasting in it's lingering scent where as I prefer a lip balm to hold a lingering scent despite weather or not it is made with essential oils.

Essential oils generally evaporate quick however some be longer lasting. Despite this, not all essential oils can be added to lip balms as a result of restrictions and  consumption risk. There are effect's that essential oil's can have on the stomach or passageway, for instance burning or upsets from consumption. With the limited essential oils which lip balms contain, it is important to me that the scent chosen can last for longer. Scents play a vital emotional role in our well being and natural oils such as essential oil always have holistic healing abilities which makes the importance of adding essential oils in products go beyond it being included for its nice smell.

Hurraw is such a great name for a brand as it's sounds feisty. The hurraw grapefruit lip balm is exciting aesthetically but it didn't work very well for me due to the need for my lips to have an intense moisturizing lip balm. It is inside the more unusual oval lip balm tube, although this does not affect the application at all.


alkanet infused sweet almond oil, candelila wax, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, olive oil, grapefruit peel oil, sunflower tocopherols

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