Life Goes On When You Remove The Things Which Make You Unhappy

Life Goes On

One thing we dont get taught much when we are growing up is that life is full of battles and we will constantly be tested, despite this life goes on. We are not educated enough in school or at home on how to come to terms with the facing of challenges and battles that will each time teach us a new lesson in life. 

Acknowledging that life is full of lessons through pain and challenges is a life skill that will make you strong and equipped to deal with the disappointment that crisis brings when the core of our foundations are threatened by other peoples actions.

Living is a school full of lessons and stages which never stop. Some of the lessons we learn may be new each time and some will be repeated and manifest through different experiences. Sometimes, we will be caught off guard, get sucked and react. Forgive yourself when you need to for when you do not recognize the lessons to be learned in new situations.  

The concept above is from a great daily positive affirmations app that I have on my iPhone. It is called spiritual junkie, and sends daily affirmations. Sometimes I get too busy to check the daily affirmations but I have set several reminders which notifies me throughout the day with a sound so I stop to read. 

Today's affirmation inspired me to reflect on my current situation and my place in the world. It also has compelled me to remember that life simply goes on. 

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