Pill Free Remedies For Insomnia

Tips To Tackle Insomnia Without The Need For Medication

If you can relate like me to the term “burning the candle at both ends'' then you will be more than familiar with the struggle of balancing between a sufficient amount of rest and keeping up with your workload, often prioritizing your work. This unhealthy habit of routine can have detrimental effects on both your health and wellbeing. 

Although your work is important, losing sleep may actually be affecting your performance, this is due to the effects of sleep deprivation such as temporary mental lapses which affect memory and visual perception. According to the NHS, health-related issues can occur such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes as a result of sleep deprivation, thus making it vital to ensure that you find a way around this issue.  Despite recognizing this as an issue as most in this situation do, it becomes a hard habit to break, and finding ways to wind down naturally and allow for rest can be difficult. 

Through exploration and trial, I have composed a list of tips that I have found to be useful. These tips provide ways to tackle insomnia thus being finding it difficult to fall asleep or experiencing unrest throughout the night even if you do sleep. With these easy remedies, an opportunity to try something different from the things you may have tried previously is had. Through working alongside a sleep hygienist, I have found that this has worked favorably in tackling the issues explained above. 

Below is a list of tips I suggest that you should implement in order to tackle insomnia:

1. Firstly, I suggest taking a warm bath at the end of the day. I choose to do this closer to when I want to go to bed. The reason for this is that when your body begins to cool down after bathing,  sleepiness is triggered as a result. A great tip to take into account here is to schedule your bath after you have completed everything on your ‘to do’ list for that day as this will allow for you to shut off and remain stress-free the rest of the evening ahead. 

2. Although drinking caffeinated drinks can be tempting as a way to keep your energy levels up in order to complete your work, it is important to avoid this later on in the day as it will remain in your system and will contribute to your lack of ability to switch off.

3. You should try to eat carbohydrates as they have the ability to set off a chain reaction in our bodies which makes us tired. This is due to the digestion of carbs being processed which triggers the release of insulin as well as other chemicals that enter our brain, allowing for us to be tired naturally. It is important to bear in mind however that when you consume proteins close to bedtime they break down into chemicals that can prevent easy sleep-inducing. Therefore, it is recommended that you consume have proteins at lunchtime in order to promote alertness and reserve the heavier carbs meals for dinner.

4. Brew yourself a tea with Lavender or add Valerian extract/ tincture to a glass of water to help induce sleep.

5You can burn a natural candle made with lavender Essential oil or burn wax melts in an oil burner. The smell of Lavender has been used for centuries for its health promotion to calm and soothe and its ability to relieve pains and bronchial ailments.

6. Making a foot bath soak with warm water with lavender essential into a bucket and soaking your feet for a few relaxing moments can really take the edge off after a stressful day. 

7. If you are nifty with your hands then you can also bag a handful of lavender buds and sew the ends or put in an organza bag or any drawstring bag and place close to breathing distance to your pillow, however, these are also available to purchase. 


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