A Review - The Earth Works Virgin Coconut And Lime Butter


The Earth Works Virgin Coconut And Lime Butter

This Coconut and Lime body butter fulfills every criterion that is important to the consumer. It has a nice feel and texture, it is non greasy and sinks into the skin instantly, even more it does not have a draggy feel even though it is anhydrous. Traditional natural body butters tend to rely on the fact that they contain natural ingredients and manufacturers do not go to great lengths to create such a nice formula which also works.

I have been using a small pot of 'the earth works cosmetics' virgin coconut and lime body butter I got in a beauty box for some time now. I have to say that even for myself, a cosmetics manufacturer I am incredibly impressed with it. I am not a fan of natural products that have no texture complexities or a unique fragrance character so this is why I found this product impressive on every level.

It is first and foremost made wholly with natural oils and butters which is very important to me, it is also scented with a blend of lime and may chang essential oils. The smell is not over powering, it is a mild citrus and woodsy scent that doesn’t irritate the sinus. I always appreciate products that do not bother my sinus so if you have the type of sinus that easily gets irritated by smells like me then this 'TEWC' body butter is a good product to try.

Written by: Yaa
The earth works cosmetics virgin coconut and lime body butter
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