Skin Care Tips To Fight Winter Weather


Skin Care Tips To Fight Winter Weather

During the winter period, we love nothing more than to wrap up, keep the windows shut tightly, and put the heating on full blast. As enticing as this sounds, it can result in your skin losing its moisture and in turn drying up, causing problems such as eczema flare up and various other skin irritations.

Here are some tips I suggest to combat these issues:

  1. Water: Everyone is aware of the importance of staying hydrated, as well as the benefits to your skin, but this is just a simple reminder of this.
  2. Skin moisturizers: It is imperative to moisturize frequently, I suggest you do this at least twice a day during this time of year. Using products such as Anhydrous Products for example balms, body butter & oil and butter-based moisturizers is suggested. Body butter and balms are effective against moisture loss.
  3. Lip balm: Always remember to apply a good amount of lip balm, in particular one which softens and moisturizes the lips. I suggest you avoid lip balms which contain petroleum jelly as they sit on top of the skin really with no other benefits. And avoid licking your lips, as this causes more grief than relief.
  4. Sunscreen: don’t pack your sunscreen away with your summer clothing just yet, your skin still has the need for protection as the skin is vulnerable to the winter's sun reflective rays this time of year.
  5. Hands: Give your hands a good scrub with a mild body scrub or body exfoliate Soap. Follow this with something simple such as olive oil, Shea butter, or thick hand cream. If you naturally have dry hands scrub your hands regularly and moisturize throughout the day as often as possible. Also, remember to protect your hands with gloves when you go out into the cold.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some beneficial relief against the cold weather conditions. 

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